Monday, January 13, 2014

Pull my hair out please?

 Mariska had a half clinic today (labs and doctor check but no echo, Means they are not worried about her heart... just her. =)  

 We had a good amount of labs today. She had a good amount taken I should say. 6 vials normally we do maybe half of one.

Good news from this check up. She gets to STOP taking steroids! We have already taken her off all the "just to be safe" meds that come along with steroids. Wondering if they we're the reason her WBC dropped. 

Since last post Mariska was just starting to take the shots. She has had to do them 3 times so far. 5, then 2, then 3.  Her Neupogen levels have bounced around. 800, 300, 1200, 600, now 200!!!   She's pretty much just got put into a HUGE bubble at home. Its scary... I wont lie. Knowing the risks that come from having nothing to fight off any germs of infections shakes me to my core. 

  Mariska got sick last week, I half freaked out. After being told, if she starts getting a fever get her into the ER fast, will kind of do it for ya. She just has a cold with a small cough, nothing they were to worried about. Good thing for flu shots. 

Since her levels are so low we will have homehealth come by and drop off shots again. No school for her today. She's happy about that, since we started our morning early she is pretty tired. 

Last week I let her sneak to see a movie with Grandma and Grandpa. They saw FROZEN she was pretty excited to have a date, popcorn and everything. I felt she needed something to cheer her up a bit. I think it did. 

Her tummy has been hurting off and on since she got super sick back in September.   Today I asked if we can do another test for crypto.. none of us feel its the issue but I'll sleep better knowing for sure. yay for getting poo tests. 

Today her transplant doctors decided it was time to get out side help for this. We get to talk/meet with hematology doctor soon... I'm nerves...   The labs we had taken this morning they are happy are pending when they asked about her. Step in the right direction.    I feel blessed to know so many people have a hand in keeping Mariska safe and healthy. Its pretty humbling.   I'm waiting for them to call and set up a date to go see them. 

Mariska is such a good understanding kid. She might frown when she finds out sad things that has to happen to her, but she's always quick to look at the bright side and helps me put my smile back on and worries to the side.

Friday, December 27, 2013


What a busy fun week!

The girls had a good Christmas. Kamiah loves her new baby gear, and Mariska is in heaven playing with her doll house.

Merry Christmas! a little late, but with love all the same.

On to an update.   Mariska's white blood count, her Neupogen level especially dropped down to dangerous levels on Mondays labs.   Because of this she now gets Neupogen shots at night. :) I'm glad they are TINY needles. I've still made Sam give them. Before her transplant she needed shots twice a day to thin her blood. So you would think this would be a walk in the park.. not so much. Still dislike needles. HA!

Because it was her neupogen level. (They are the fighters to help keep you healthy) means if she got sick she has nothing to fight off the sickness, sicking to think something simple could kill her.    We stayed home from all the fun family events happening on Christmas eve and day. Wont lie it was so nice not having to run around and just enjoy being together.

Tonight she will have shot #5. The hope was the injections would boost her numbers up back to normal... This hasnt happened.   She was at 200 (lower then this we wont talk about what happens, super low and high brings out the weird nastys)   Her level today was 400.    Improving but still low.    under 500 she needs shots to boost it.

She'll get another 5 day treatment then labs to see what's happening.   Everyone we run into at PCMC are shocked when we keep coming back twice sometimes 3times a week! we are too... we love all the staff but would rather miss them. =D

Keep her in your prayers. She feels healthy and acts pretty normal, its been hard to tell her she's in a scary places and cant do ANYTHING because of the risk of getting sick.

We're doing lots of infinity playing and puzzle making. Wont forget about eating nothing but junk from our loving friends.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Biopsy results

Zero rejection!

She will finally get to come off her bag of meds. Slowly to make sure she stays stable but its in the plans. So happy.  Here's to a new year and healthly year!

12 long hours. Waiting to pick up meds and we'll be on the road.


Cath quick results

Her culinary look beautifully normal!! Im so happy I am about to cry witg this news.   

her pressures are a little high for her but completely normal range.  

later today we will find out if her heart shows rejection.  Crossing fingers its clean.

Her White blood count is a little low, something to be watched.   Her meds being a little to high can do that to her also.  What does it mean if they are low? If she gets sick it will take her longer and more work to get over a sickness.

Waiting to go back into the pacu to see her

Cath day.

Mariska is in the cath lab right now.    Her cath doctors said if her presssures look good they dont nedd to check her culinary arteries. Which would mean no groin site access!   Home sooner today and a eaiser recovery.   Today we left daddy home to work and watch Kamiah. Ha work and watch a 2 year old. We got to take grandma. :)

Thank you to everyone who fasted for our family sunday. It has helped keep us calm and organized.